WHERS Mini Conference Jordan Sessions

WHERS Mini Conference Jordan

Welcome Speech His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran

Prof. Adnan Badran

July 24th 2023 - Jordan

Welcome Speech His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran

We extend a warm invitation to join us in a session of great significance as we present the "Welcome Speech Welcoming WHERS and UNIRANKS in Jordan" by His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran. This inspiring address sets the stage for a conference that bridges the worlds of education, rankings, and quality, creating a platform for advancing higher education and intellectual development.

Speaker Session Details: His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran

Speech Title: Welcome Speech Welcoming WHERS and UNIRANKS in Jordan

Session Overview: In this momentous session, His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran takes center stage to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed participants of the conference, including the UNIRANKS delegation. As a distinguished figure in the field of education, Prof. Badran underscores the importance of quality in higher education and the transformative power of university rankings.

Highlights of His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran's Address:

  • Introducing UNIRANKS: Prof. Badran welcomes UNIRANKS and highlights its unique role as an umbrella under which new mechanisms for university ranking and quality assurance are being introduced. This innovative approach contributes significantly to elevating the learning process and bridging gaps in education quality.

  • WHERS Summit: The World's higher education ranking summit, powered by UNIRANKS, is being hosted by Petra University. Prof. Badran describes this event as an exploration of paths that lead to enhancing the educational system through new methods and contemporary approaches to learning content and demographics.

  • Intellectual Citizenship: Prof. Badran emphasizes the concept of intellectual citizenship, wherein the educational system fosters critical thinking, innovation, and intellectual independence. This intellectual citizenship contributes to a knowledge-based economy and a culture of thought and innovation within society.

  • Enhancing Quality and International Rankings: The pursuit of quality education and commitment to international rankings are essential for universities. Prof. Badran emphasizes that the objective is not just for publicity, but to elevate the quality of education, equip it with scientific research, and contribute to real national development.

  • Transforming Human Resources: Prof. Badran highlights the necessity of an integrated educational system to transform human resources into productive assets that drive economic growth and innovation. He draws parallels with India's success in utilizing scientific research outputs to develop technology in various fields.

  • Building Wealth and Eliminating Unemployment: Prof. Badran envisions a future where education becomes the catalyst for eliminating unemployment and poverty, fostering economic development, and attracting investments in technology, industry, agriculture, health, and infrastructure.

As His Excellency Prof. Adnan Badran's speech resonates, it sets the tone for a conference that unites the aspirations of education and rankings, aligning them with the larger goal of societal progress and prosperity. Join us in this session to gain insights into the visionary perspectives of Prof. Badran and to embrace the journey toward excellence in higher education and intellectual empowerment.

Speakers Info


Prof. Adnan Badran Former Prime Minister of Jordan University of Petra

Dr. Adnan Badran is a luminary in the fields of education, science, and international cooperation, whose life's work has left an indelible mark on academia, research, and global collaboration. With a distinguished career spanning continents, Dr. Badran's influence has shaped the landscape of education, institutional development, and international partnerships.

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