WHERS Mini Conference Jordan Sessions

WHERS Mini Conference Jordan

Welcome Speech from the UOP President Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim

Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim

July 24th 2023 - Jordan

Conference Session Introduction: Welcome Speech from the UOP President Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim

Step into a session of honor and significance as we present the "Welcome Speech from the University of Petra" delivered by President Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim. In this inspiring address, Prof Al-Rahim extends a warm welcome to the distinguished participants and guests of the WHERS conference, hosted by the esteemed University of Petra in collaboration with the UNIRANKS Ranking Authority.

Speaker Session Details: President Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim

Speech Title: Welcome Speech from the University of Petra

Session Overview: In this momentous session, President Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim takes the stage to address the audience with a heartfelt welcome and insightful observations. With the backdrop of the University of Petra's commitment to academic excellence and progress, Prof Al-Rahim emphasizes the significance of the conference and its impact on the future of higher education in Jordan and beyond.

Highlights of Prof Al-Rahim's Address:

  • Warm Welcome: Prof Al-Rahim extends a warm welcome to all attendees, including His Excellency Professor Dr. Adnan Badran, the Supreme Advisor of the University and its Board of Trustees, esteemed participants, and distinguished guests.

  • Collaboration and Success: Prof Al-Rahim expresses the University of Petra's honor in hosting this mini-conference in partnership with the UNIARNKS Ranking Authority. He hopes that the event will be successful, enjoyable, fruitful, and useful for all participants.

  • Encouraging Innovation: The conference spotlights the latest developments in Jordanian higher education and international educational classifications. It encourages participation in the new initiative by UNIRANKS, utilizing modern technology and artificial intelligence to guide students in selecting their university majors.

  • Quality Culture: Prof Al-Rahim emphasizes the culture of quality in higher education institutions, focusing on best educational practices, continuous improvement, and administrative excellence. He highlights that such factors ensure the achievement of learning outcomes and the preparedness of graduates for the job market.

  • Accreditations and Rankings: The University of Petra's commitment to quality is demonstrated through various accreditations obtained in multiple disciplines. Prof Al-Rahim discusses the university's participation in international rankings, emphasizing the institution's dedication to global trends and development.

  • Contributions to UNIRANKS Ranking engine: Prof Al-Rahim hopes that the conference will contribute valuable insights to UNIRANKS, making it one of the most influential and impactful classifications in the field.

As Prof Rami Abdel Al-Rahim shares his welcome speech, he sets the tone for an enlightening conference that explores the dynamic intersection of quality education, innovative technology, and global collaboration. Join us in this session to gain deeper insights into the University of Petra's dedication to educational excellence and its role in shaping the future of higher education.

Speakers Info


Prof. Rami Abdel Al-Rahem President at the University of Petra

Prof. Rami Abdel Al-Rahem is a distinguished academic leader currently serving as the President of Petra University. With a career spanning over two decades in academia, he has made significant contributions to the field of physical chemistry and higher education.

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