WHERS Mini Conference Jordan Sessions

WHERS Mini Conference Jordan

The Foundations of Integrating E-Learning

Conference Session Introduction: The Foundations of Integrating E-Learning

Welcome to a visionary session that illuminates the transformative potential of technology in education. In the rapidly evolving world of learning, we are privileged to delve into "The Foundations of Integrating E-Learning," a topic that explores the dynamic shift towards remote education and its profound impact on the teaching and learning process.

Guiding us through this exploration is Prof. Saad Bani Muhammad, a distinguished scholar with deep insights into the realm of e-learning. Prof. Muhammad's presentation promises to uncover the core principles and strategies that underpin the seamless integration of digital technology into education, fostering an enriched learning experience.

Speaker Session Details: Prof. Saad Bani Muhammad

Presentation Title: The Foundations of Integrating E-Learning

About Prof. Saad Bani Muhammad: Prof. Saad Bani Muhammad brings a wealth of expertise to our discourse today. With a profound understanding of e-learning's intricacies, Prof. Muhammad has dedicated his career to exploring how technology can bridge geographical distances and enhance the education process.

Session Overview: In this enlightening session, Prof. Muhammad will unravel the foundations of integrating e-learning into the fabric of education. E-learning, characterized by remote teaching and learning through digital technology and the internet, has ushered in a new era of accessibility and connectivity in education.

Prof. Muhammad will explore the diverse dimensions of e-learning:

  • Full Distance E-Learning: This type of e-learning transcends physical boundaries, connecting teachers and students across different locations and times. Through virtual learning platforms endorsed by universities, this approach empowers learners to access education beyond traditional constraints.

  • Blended Learning: Prof. Muhammad will navigate the landscape of blended learning, where traditional face-to-face interactions intersect with distance e-learning. This harmonious blend of methodologies offers a balanced and flexible educational experience.

The foundations of integrating e-learning operate at two levels:

  • Course Level: Discover how e-learning transforms individual courses, offering students a dynamic and interactive learning environment enriched with multimedia elements like videos, audio, text, and illustrations.

  • Program Level: Explore how e-learning can reshape entire educational programs, enabling institutions to offer comprehensive learning experiences that bridge the gap between traditional classroom learning and online engagement.

Additionally, we will delve into how UNIRANKS, a pioneering force in higher education, supports and ranks universities based on their effective integration of e-learning:

UNIRANKS and E-Learning Integration: As part of its commitment to recognizing and promoting innovation in education, UNIRANKS evaluates and ranks universities based on their proficiency in integrating e-learning. Institutions that effectively leverage technology to enhance learning experiences, enable flexible access, and foster digital literacy are acknowledged for their contributions to modern education.

Join us in this session as we celebrate the fusion of technology and education, where the foundations of e-learning are laid for a future of learning without boundaries.

Speakers Info


Prof. Saad Bani Professor of Computer Science at Al al-Bayt University

Prof. Saad Bani is an accomplished academic and a prominent figure in the field of Computer Science. With a distinguished educational background and a wealth of experience, he has made significant contributions to both academia and research.

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