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Professor Raúl Sánchez

Position: Award-winning Author | NYU Professor in Business Communication & Linguistics | TEDxSpeaker | NYU Corporate Program Coordinator | Journalist | HBR and WSJ Contributor | Skills Resource

New York City Metropolitan Area


Professor Raúl Sánchez Bio

Professor Raúl Sánchez is a distinguished figure in the world of academia and professional communication. As a faculty member at New York University (NYU), he specializes in Business Communication and Advanced English as a Second Language (ESL). His expertise extends beyond the classroom, where he serves as the Program Coordinator, Faculty Trainer, and Corporate Trainer for professionals from renowned organizations, including Bloomberg L.P., Google, and the United Nations (UN).

In addition to his teaching roles, Professor Sánchez is a prolific writer and journalist, contributing his insights to esteemed publications such as The Huffington Post,, and PBS. He is also a valued Program Manager and Curriculum Developer for nationally-ranked MBA and MS programs, as well as accredited English Language programs.

Professor Sánchez's dedication to education extends to the development of modern professional and academic skill-enhancement curricula, catering to both international and American professionals. His programs incorporate acculturation strategies and the latest contemporary American business practices, ensuring that his students are well-equipped for success in today's globalized world.


  • New York University

    • Clinical Assistant Professor
      • 2011 - Present (12 years, 9 months)
      • Greater New York City Area
      • Professor Raúl Sánchez has dedicated over a decade to his role as a Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University (NYU). Throughout his tenure, he has made a significant impact as an educator, specializing in a diverse range of courses including News Reporting, Mastering Correct English, Business Communication, TOEFL, ESL Advanced Reading and Writing, Public Relations - How to Build a Successful Media Campaign, Global Business Leadership, and Business English.
      • In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Professor Sánchez received the NYU-SPS Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award in 2018 and the NYU-SPS Service Award in 2017. He also actively participates in NYU's academic committees, holding elected positions on the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Rank, Title, & Privilege Committee.
      • His responsibilities extend beyond the classroom, as he plays a vital role in student advising, language testing and assessment, and curriculum development. He excels in teaching ESL and Business Communication strategies in both Intensive English Program (IEP) and Academic English Program settings, preparing matriculating NYU international students, both graduate and undergraduate, for their degree programs.
  • Corporate Program Coordinator at NYU

    • 2017 - Present (6 years, 9 months)
    • In parallel with his teaching responsibilities, Professor Sánchez serves as a Corporate Program Coordinator at NYU. In this role, he coordinates divisional corporate programs, oversees program and curriculum development, conducts market needs assessments, and engages in client outreach. His expertise in program initiatives, client proposal writing, and curriculum development has been instrumental in enhancing the educational experiences of professionals in various organizations.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop Leader - NYU International Student Support Center

    • 2015 - Present (8 years, 9 months)
    • Professor Sánchez has been a dedicated Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop Leader at NYU's International Student Support Center. His training has helped international students successfully navigate cross-cultural conventions in academic and professional environments. He also imparts valuable knowledge in presentation skills, public speaking, networking strategies, classroom participation, and persuasive speaking, all essential for international students striving for success.
  • Contributing Writer at

    • Feb 2017 - Present (6 years, 8 months)
    • Greater New York City Area
    • As a contributing writer for and a member of their Market Expert Program, Professor Sánchez delivers modern and relevant strategies in the fields of business communication, leadership, cross-cultural communication, and professional development.
  • Contributing Writer at HuffPost

    • Dec 2016 - Present (6 years, 10 months)
    • Greater New York City Area
    • Professor Sánchez is also a contributing writer for HuffPost, where he explores the intersection of art, politics, leadership, business, and culture.
  • Baruch College - Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS)

    • Program Coordinator of Zicklin MBA/MS Language Support, ESL, and Modern Language Programs (2006 - 2011)
    • Program Manager of Zicklin MBA/MS Language Support, ESL, Business Communication, and Modern Language Programs
    • During his time at Baruch College, Professor Sánchez played a pivotal role as a Program Coordinator and Program Manager. His responsibilities included overseeing program and curriculum development, conducting market needs assessments, and leading recruitment efforts. He also initiated training for academic advisors and coordinated student events, demonstrating his commitment to the student's success.
  • Adjunct Faculty & Corporate Trainer

    • 2006 - 2011
    • Professor Sánchez served as an adjunct faculty member, teaching MBA/MS international graduate students effective communication skills essential for today's job market. His diverse range of courses included Business Communication, ESL Writing and reading, Advanced Communication, and Fluency/Conversation. He also served as a corporate trainer, imparting essential language and communication skills to employees in various settings.
  • Writing Consultant - SparkNotes

    • Sep 2006 - Feb 2007 (6 months)
    • Expert Language Consultant for Spanish foreign language textbooks
    • In his role as a Writing Consultant for SparkNotes, Professor Sánchez served as an expert language consultant for Spanish foreign language textbooks, contributing to the publication "Workout in Spanish: Practice for the Tricky Rules of Spanish Grammar."
  • Writing Consultant - The Charlie Rose Show

    • Feb 2004 - Oct 2004 (9 months)
    • Professor Sánchez worked as a Writing Consultant for a documentary that aired on "The Charlie Rose Show." The documentary delved into the 150-year history of the Japanese/American relationship, featuring interviews with notable figures.


  • New York University

    • Master of Arts (MA), Social Thought & Cultural Reporting - Journalism
  • The Ohio State University

    • Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Honors and Distinction, English Language and Literature/Letters
  • University of Oxford

    • Pre-Law Research Certificate, International Law and Legal Studies

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certification Prep: SHRM-CP

    • Issued by LinkedIn in July 2019
  • Instructional Design: Adult Learners

    • Issued by LinkedIn in July 2019
In addition to his extensive professional experience, Professor Raúl Sánchez possesses a diverse range of skills that complement his roles in academia, corporate training, and writing. These skills include Easily Adaptable, Creative Writing, Learning Management, Instructure Canvas, Executive Education, Strategic Communications, Change Management, Research, Teaching, Public Speaking, Higher Education, Curriculum Development, English as a Second Language (ESL), Business Communications, Leadership Development, Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, Faculty Training, Corporate Communications, Corporate Training, Social Media, Instructional Design, HR Strategy, Human Resources (HR) and Strategic Human Resource Planning.


  • "Across the Divide: Healing the American Psyche"

    • Published on · Jun 5, 2017
  • "Across the Divide: Healing the American Psyche"

    • Published on The Huffington Post · Jun 5, 2017
  • "Bridging the Cross-Cultural Gap Through Global Business Email Etiquette"

    • Published on · Feb 22, 2017
  • "The Walking Dead’s Tovah Feldshuh on Leadership & Legacy"

    • Published on The Huffington Post · Dec 6, 2016
  • "Reflecting on the Gap Year for Students"

  • "Becoming Yourself in a New Language"

    • Published on · Jan 1, 2015
  • "Increasing Speaking in the Multicultural Classroom"

    • Published on New York University · Jan 1, 2015
  • "Sanchez 2winz: Telling Stories with Art and Music" (Artist Interview)

    • Published in Making Music Magazine · Jan 1, 2015
  • "Expert Advice: Should I Take A Gap Year?"

    • Published on Nerd Scholar · Jan 1, 2014
  • "What are the Advantages of Air Travel?"

  • "What is ESL Grammar?"

  • "Workout in Spanish: Practice for the Tricky Rules of Spanish Grammar"

    • Published by SparkNotes, part of Barnes & Noble Publishing Group · Jan 1, 2007
  • "Changing the Negotiating Game: Six Tips for Smart Success"

    • Published on The Huffington Post · Jun 27, 2006
  • "Ending the Silence: The US Debate on War with Iraq"

Honors and Awards

  • 39th Annual Applied Linguistics Winter Conference (Columbia University) - Effective Emailing & Behavioral Psychology: A New Teaching Method

    • Issued by Columbia University, Teachers College · Apr 2018
    • Associated with New York University
  • NYU Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award 2018

    • Issued by New York University · Apr 2018
    • Associated with New York University
  • The New School TESOL Webinar Series

    • Issued by The New School, School of Public Engagement · Apr 2018
    • Associated with New York University
    • Co-presented on a new pedagogical approach with NYU colleague Dan Bullock about teaching effective emailing in the Business English context using research from behavioral psychology.
  • Service Recognition Award – New York University School of Professional Studies

    • Issued by New York University · Jan 2017
    • Associated with New York University
  • Presenter Invitation – The University of Chicago

    • Issued by The University of Chicago · Jan 2003
    • Associated with New York University
    • Invited to present a portion of NYU M.A. research thesis, "Skinless," at the 10th Annual Eyes on the Mosaic Conference at the University of Chicago.
  • Latino/a Studies Award – Oxford University UK & the Ohio State University

    • Issued by The Ohio State University · Jan 2000
    • Associated with The Ohio State University
    • Awarded for research thesis essay examining the constitutionality of affirmative action: "Equality with Difference."
  • Richard J. & Martha D. Denman Research Award – The Ohio State University

    • Issued by The Ohio State University · Jan 2000
    • Associated with The Ohio State University
    • Awarded for Honors Creative Writing B.A. Thesis examining modes of expression in poetry and music.
  • College of Arts and Sciences Honors Committee Research Scholarship – The Ohio State University

    • Issued by The Ohio State University · Jan 1999
    • Associated with The Ohio State University
    • Awarded in support of research progress for honors Creative Writing B.A. Thesis examining modes of expression in poetry and music.
  • National Merit Scholar / National Hispanic Scholar

    • Associated with The Ohio State University
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