Dale Fletter

Dale Fletter

University Instructor, California State University. USA

The California State University

Track: The future of higher education: How technology will shape learning

Dale Fletter has been researching immersive technology and human-computer interface design since the 1993 VR Conference at Austin Texas. His early career included 35 years in systems development work at a variety of large financial services firms in the Chicago area. The culmination of his commercial career was in management and information technology consulting at a big-six firm. That position included development of adult education courses for the firm's mainline consultants. After that career he returned to school to pursue a deferred desire for an advanced degree and earned his masters of science in software engineer at California State University. That led to a new career teaching computer science. He then started a doctoral program at University of California, Davis but gave it up to answer the call for experienced computer science instructors at Davis while pursuing his own varied interests in software engineering, sociology and philosophy.

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