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Alex Moss

Position: Principal SEO at Yoast, Director of FireCask, Co-Founder of Millie & Henry. Online marketer, WordPress developer, product designer, speaker.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom


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#seo, #analytics, #wordpress, #manchester, and #localmarketing

Alex Moss Bio

Alex Moss is a multifaceted professional known for his diverse expertise in the digital realm. As the Principal SEO at Yoast, he spearheads search engine optimization strategies that have a profound impact on the online landscape. Alex is also the Director of FireCask, a prominent agency specializing in online marketing, consultancy, web design, branding, and WordPress development.

Not limiting his prowess to the digital world, Alex is also the Co-Founder of Peadig, a WordPress theme framework powered by Bootstrap, showcasing his commitment to enhancing web development practices. Additionally, he co-owns Basil + Lily, an Italian wine and aperitivo bar in Prestwich, Manchester, exemplifying his entrepreneurial spirit.

Alex Moss's career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to online marketing, WordPress development, and product design. His passion for these fields is further reflected in his role as a sought-after speaker, where he shares his insights and knowledge with others in the industry.

Professional Experience

  • Principal SEO at Yoast Aug 2023 - Present · 2 mos
    • Alex Moss serves as the Principal SEO at Yoast, where he leads the charge in developing and implementing cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies. His expertise in WordPress, SEO, and website design plays a pivotal role in driving organic search results and website conversions.
  • Director of FireCask Nov 2013 - Present · 9 yrs 11 mos Manchester, United Kingdom
    • As the Director of FireCask, an esteemed digital agency based in Manchester, Alex specializes in Online Marketing, Content Creation, and WordPress Development. His nearly decade-long tenure demonstrates his commitment to delivering top-notch digital solutions.
  • Co-Founder of Millie & Henry Jun 2020 - Present · 3 yrs 4 mos Manchester, England, United Kingdom
    • Alex is a Co-Founder of Millie & Henry, a venture dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs with every walk. This pet-focused endeavor showcases his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Co-Owner of Basil + Lily Jun 2017 - Oct 2020 · 3 yrs 5 mos Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Alex also co-owned Basil + Lily, an Italian wine and aperitivo bar in Prestwich, Manchester, adding a touch of gastronomic flair to his professional journey.
  • Co-Founder of Peadig Oct 2013 - Mar 2020 · 6 yrs 6 mos Manchester, United Kingdom
    • In addition to his other roles, Alex co-founded Peadig, a WordPress framework integrated with Bootstrap and various plugins. His contributions to the WordPress community reflect his dedication to web development.
  • Co-Founder and Technical Director at 3 Door Digital Jul 2012 - Nov 2013 · 1 yr 5 mos Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Alex played a key role as the Co-Founder and Technical Director at 3 Door Digital, where he was involved in digital consultancy and advanced WordPress plugin development. His work helped businesses of all sizes enhance their online exposure and conversion rates.
  • Foursquare Ambassador Apr 2011 - Jul 2012 · 1 yr 4 mos
    • Alex also served as a Foursquare Ambassador, assisting businesses of all sizes in harnessing the benefits of the Foursquare service.
  • Partner at Pleer Jan 2003 - Jul 2012 · 9 yrs 7 mos Manchester, UK
    • During his time as a Partner at Pleer, Alex engaged in various tasks, from on-site technical audits and web design to social media consultation and freelance link-building. His work included projects related to WordPress SEO, plugin development, and consultation for in-house teams worldwide.
  • Head of SEO at Banc Media Jun 2011 - Jun 2012 · 1 yr 1 mo Manchester, United Kingdom
    • As the Head of SEO at Banc Media, Alex was responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive SEO strategies for clients. This encompassed on-site and off-site optimization, conversion analysis, and social media consultation.
  • SEO Manager at Carcraft Jan 2010 - Jun 2011 · 1 yr 6 mos
    • In his role as SEO Manager at Carcraft, Alex managed all aspects of SEO and social media for His contributions led to increased organic search traffic, improved online exposure, and effective conversion rate optimization.
  • SEO Consultant at Jan 2010 - Jun 2011 · 1 yr 6 mos
    • Alex served as an SEO Consultant at, where he self-managed work between the E-Commerce team and Marketing, focusing on enhancing SERP performance and SEO-friendly content.
  • SEO Executive at Equanet May 2009 - Jan 2010 · 9 mos
    • During his time as an SEO Executive at Equanet, Alex played a pivotal role in optimizing the Equanet website and increasing Internet activity to and from the site.
  • SEO Executive at DSGi Business, MicroWarehouse, and MacWarehouse May 2009 - Jan 2010 · 9 mos
    • Alex held positions as an SEO Executive at DSGi Business, MicroWarehouse, and MacWarehouse, where he contributed to SEO efforts, web design, and online activity enhancement.
  • Head of IT/SEO at Sentry Parental Controls Apr 2008 - May 2009 · 1 yr 2 mos
    • In the role of Head of IT/SEO at Sentry Parental Controls, Alex managed online visibility, SEO work, and technical support, demonstrating his commitment to brand enhancement.
  • Props Assistant at ITV Oct 2007 - Apr 2008 · 7 mos
    • Alex's diverse career also included a role as a Props Assistant at ITV for the production of "60 Minute Makeover."
  • Runner at BBC Sep 2007 · 1 mo
    • His early career experiences include a role as a Runner on "Dragon's Den" at the BBC.


  • Leeds Beckett University BA (Hons) Law and IT, Law and I.T. 2003 - 2006
    • Alex Moss pursued his higher education at Leeds Beckett University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Law and Information Technology. This educational background equipped him with a strong foundation in both legal studies and IT, complementing his versatile career in the digital world.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Google Analytics Certification Issued Jun 2023 · Expires Jun 2024 Alex Moss holds a Google Analytics Certification, demonstrating his expertise in analytics and data-driven decision-making.

  • Semrush SEO Toolkit Issued Jun 2023 · Expires Jun 2024 Alex is certified in the Semrush SEO Toolkit, showcasing his proficiency in search engine optimization techniques.


  • May 2013 - Jun 2015 Associated with FireCask, a project associated with FireCask, stands as a free community-driven resource that compiles the best marketing content in one accessible platform. Alex Moss's involvement in this project underscores his commitment to enhancing digital marketing knowledge.


Alex Moss boasts a diverse and comprehensive skill set that spans the realms of digital marketing, web development, and online strategies. His expertise includes but is not limited to WordPress development, SEO optimization, WordPress design, search engine optimization, website conversion, social media marketing, web design, and web development. With a strong grasp of organic search, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics, he excels in data-driven decision-making. Alex's proficiency extends to PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, content management, online reputation management, and CSS. He's a seasoned professional in internet strategy, analytics, and various aspects of online marketing, making him a versatile and accomplished expert in the field.


Here are some testimonials from individuals I've had the pleasure of working with:

  • Stan Stolberg: Co-Founder & CEO @, Blockchain Strategist, and DeFi Advocate. "Alex was great to work with when we decided to source a top NFT artist to help curate our 'Red Diamond' - one of the first utility-based NFTs - during the height of the NFT trading boom of 2021. Not only was he able to secure BossLogic, one of our favorite artists, but he was also able to onboard this as his Genesis piece for SuperRare. The NFT was sold for 33ETH on auction."

  • Kieron James: CEO at Wonderful Payments, FCA Authorised Payment Institution. "Despite the strength of Alex's team (we felt in very capable hands with everybody at FireCask), his approach is personal and very hands-on. His knowledge and creative ideas have been hugely appreciated by our in-house marketing team at WHYPAY. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex and FireCask."

  • Matt Sawyer: Former Chief Data Officer at, Head of BI at Just Eat, and group Head of Data at Momondo. "We came to Alex and the team at Firecask on a recommendation and were subsequently really impressed at the speed and quality of the work. The team quickly understood our requirements, utilized our multiple repositories of copy, applied their highly skilled design experience to our chosen aesthetic, and came back on time and in full to deliver a great website."

  • Sam Ridgway: Founder, The Manc Group, Brand builder. "Working with Alex and his talented team at FireCask has been an absolute pleasure so far and I'm really excited to see where our working relationship goes. His second-to-none communication skills and 'contact me any time' approach have allowed us to get a major project off the ground very quickly which will elevate my company tenfold as soon as we take it live."

  • Hannah Sanders: Founder and Director of Morello Bookings Agency. "Alex and in fact, the whole Firecask team have gone above and beyond in helping us create and manage our website. Thank goodness for companies like Firecask that are run by genuinely good guys. Super creative, efficient, and helpful, we can't recommend them enough."

  • Jonathan Hausmann: Senior Marketing, Brand & Acquisition Manager. "Alex and his team at FireCask were a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. We worked together on Headspace Group's new website. This dealt with everything from design and brand to site and CMS migration, web hosting, and onsite SEO best practices. I couldn't recommend enough."

  • David Lovett-Hume: Founder & Non-Exec Director. "Alex and the team at Fire Cask exceeded our expectations when we underwent a rebrand. I didn't for one-second think that Alex and his team would hit a home run on the first iteration of the logo, but they did. The process was seamless and pleasurable, unlike other branding experiences I have had in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex and his team to anyone wanting to look at branding."

  • Deirdra Barr MCIM: Animal, Environment & Health Advocate. "Henshaws are extremely pleased with Firecask's web development and customer service. Even as a smaller customer, we feel very looked after and listened to. They are knowledgeable, creative, and very responsive, and Alex keeps his attention on his customers. I highly recommend them and Alex."

  • Riccardo Fumagalli: Project Management and Digital Marketing. "I've worked with Alex over a rather complicated project for a few years. He's a pleasure to work with, very professional, and great at communication. His work ethic and his skills bridging technical and management are strong assets when it comes to getting a job done. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

  • Rowan Carnihan: Assisting innovative creatives to harness their dreams. "Alex is what one would call a technical wizard! He approached us at the Amy Winehouse Foundation early on in our development and offered his time and expertise pro bono at a time when the guidance was much appreciated. Alex helped us develop all of our social media platforms early on, and was able to help us understand how best to use them in order to attain our aim and objectives."

  • Ashley Boroda: Talent Advisor, iMA Practitioner, and Executive Business Coach. "I have worked with Alex for a number of years. It is genuinely a pleasure to be a client of his. He and his team are knowledgeable, approachable, and great on detail. Nothing is too much trouble, and he seems to be able to make everything possible. I can, indeed, recommend him very highly."

  • Ian Whilby: Consultant | NED | Mentor | Coach | Growth Company. "I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Alex and his team at Firecask. During our years working together, both he and his team have demonstrated a clear understanding of what is required to achieve real success in online gaming and other industry verticals."

  • Peter Handley: Principal SEO - Global Strategy & Insight. "THE go-to guy on WordPress with a huge depth of knowledge of developing sites with it as well as a whole bunch of plugins. If you need anything done on a WordPress site, Firecask is the guy to talk to first. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Alex's work."

  • Bas van den Beld: Individual Development Coach. "Alex is one of the smartest and nicest people I know in Digital Marketing. When it comes to WordPress and tools, I listen to every word he says with care because he knows what he is talking about."

  • James Crawford FPRCA: Consumer PR | B2B PR | Tech PR. "Alex is a great guy and really knows WordPress and SEO inside out. There is not much more I can say other than he is well respected in the industry."

  • Aleksej HEINZE: Associate Professor at KEDGE Business School. "Creative, passionate, and always has an answer - just as a good entrepreneur should be. Alex is an inspiration for new entrepreneurs!"

  • Claire Thompson: Freelance PR Consultant. "Alex could code WordPress upside down in a bucket of honey. He also successfully runs a company and speaks a language customers understand, is patient when companies don't do things the 'best' way for financial or internal reasons and is a great problem solver. Highly recommended!"

  • Jim Clarke: Delivering community and youth projects. "I've known Alex now for around a year through Anna and FireCask. I like Alex's style - a good guy who is not only a professional in the sense of business but also really generous in sharing ideas."

  • Jon M Bishop: Experienced marketing and product leader. "Alex and the team at Firecask deliver top-quality work for me on a consistent basis. I have worked with them on a number of projects now and I always find they deliver to the highest quality and carry a level of technical and marketing knowledge which is rare to find in one place."

  • Doc Sheldon, CEO of Web Narwhal: Co-founder of a design/build and managed hosting agency. "Having worked with Alex on multiple occasions, I've had the opportunity to see just how innovative he can be when we were seeking unique functions. He is truly an expert coder, able to provide stable, elegant code with no bloat and no hiccups. I highly recommend him for any custom development work."

  • Rishi Lakhani: Digital Communications Strategist. "I have worked with Alex on a number of occasions, and I can't recommend him enough. His technical knowledge is only surpassed by his pleasant personality."
  • Julia Logan: SEO Consultant. "I have known Alex professionally for close to four years now, and during this time, he has consistently demonstrated high integrity, extreme helpfulness, and exceptional expertise in digital marketing and WordPress. His technical knowledge and understanding of the industry are unmatched, and he is also a genuinely nice person. It's always a pleasure to catch up with him at industry events, and I can't recommend Alex highly enough."
  • Jake Langwith: CEO & Creative Director at Street Jackal Games. "Alex is a leading expert in WordPress and digital marketing. He is not only highly experienced and technical but also a pleasure to work with. His extensive connections in the community make him an invaluable asset."
  • Stephen James Lock: Data-driven digital expert. "I was introduced to Alex through multiple independent recommendations, and working with him was a testament to his professionalism and approachability. He excels in both online marketing and web development and understands the importance of communicating technical concepts effectively. I'm more than happy to add my name to the list of recommendations for Alex."
  • Andrew Allsop: Demand generation expert for B2B SaaS companies. "Alex is a rare breed in the web industry, excelling in both online marketing and web development. He is highly respected in the SEO and WordPress development community and has become the go-to person for strategic planning and ongoing support in online businesses. If you want an extremely talented individual, Alex is your man."
  • Gordon Campbell: MD and Non-Exec Director of a Paid Media Agency. "Alex is not only a respected member of Manchester's digital community, but he's also helping drive it forward. His wealth of experience and genuine desire to contribute to the sector make him highly recommendable."
  • Steve Kuncewicz: Partner (Solicitor) specializing in Intellectual Property and Media Law. "It's always a pleasure to spend time with Alex. Besides his humble and honest personality, he is dedicated, passionate, and keeps up with the latest advances in the online marketing industry. I have and will continue to recommend Alex, especially regarding his knowledge in WordPress."
  • Pär Lundgren: Global SEO & Affiliation Expert. "Aside from being one of the nicest guys I know, Alex is a wickedly smart developer and SEO professional. His WordPress work is top-notch, and his SEO insights are sharp and insightful. He's one of the genuine stars of the Northern digital marketing scene."
  • Barry Adams: Independent SEO Consultant for News Publishers. "As a digital marketing and social media professional, it's rare to come across someone as knowledgeable and personable as Alex. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to do business with him."
  • Leon Hill: Digital marketing and social media professional. "Alex is a great guy to work with. His knowledge of WordPress and web development is second to none, and his overall search marketing expertise is among the best in the industry. I've received brilliant support and help on my latest projects."
  • Paul Delaney: Digital Marketing Director at Marketing Signals. "Alex is a highly skilled innovator with a 'be first' mentality. His technical skills and problem-solving abilities make him a valuable asset to any project. He's a pleasure to work with."
  • Shane Jones: Web and App Consultant. "Alex has consistently demonstrated his enthusiasm and expertise throughout our web development project. He's patient, knowledgeable, and has a keen understanding of business objectives. I'd happily recommend him to others."
  • Claire Thompson: Freelance PR Consultant. "Alex was continually developing his expertise and keeping up-to-date with any developments within the SEO industry. He was able to debate both the finer points of SEO with our development team alongside communicating the aims and objectives of any project to a wider business audience. Overall, an extremely knowledgeable SEO consultant and a pleasure to work with."
  • Stacey Ludlow: Marketer with strong operations background. "Alex is an extremely knowledgeable SEO professional with technical and commercial search skills that are second to none. He's well-respected and well-known among his peers and has contributed significantly to our industry. Overall, he's a great professional to work with."
  • Jake Hird: VP Strategy, APAC - B2B Group at Merkle. "Alex is a passionate and knowledgeable SEO professional. His technical and commercial search skills are outstanding, making him a valuable asset in the industry. He is a great professional to work with."
  • Craig Williams: Head of eBusiness at Softcat plc. "Alex has a great can-do attitude and just gets things done. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy made a significant impact on our SEO. He's a professional with deep knowledge in a crucial area of digital marketing."
  • Damian D.: Software Developer. "Alex helped me throughout the entire web development process and did everything asked of him. His technical knowledge is impressive, and he was quick to adapt to changes. I'd definitely use him again and refer him to friends or clients in need of web development or SEO work."
  • Susie Wheeler: Solicitor. "Alex has a great can-do attitude, a passion for SEO and social networking, and an infectious personality. He's passionate about SEO and social networking, and his design and development skills are commendable."
  • Arran Maclean: Contract Senior / Team Lead / Agile Practice Lead. "Alex has an impressive ability to surprise with hidden skills. He is not only an SEO and social media specialist but also a creative web designer. He underestimates his own creative skills!"
  • Julia Dallimore: Commercial Product Photographer & Filmmaker. "Alex took the time to understand my requirements fully and created an elaborate website quickly and conscientiously. I receive compliments about the website's look and functionality constantly. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for an expert coder."
  • Jodie Cavendish: Brand Owner & Procurement Specialist. "Alex has a fantastic ability to communicate technical issues in layman's terms while preserving your professional dignity. His technical knowledge is one of the best in the industry, and he's a great teacher. I couldn't recommend working with Alex highly enough."
  • William .E .Smart- Junger: Director at the Klug Nowy Group. "Alex is a technical SEO with specialist knowledge of website design and development. He successfully managed a client portfolio, ensuring exceptional ROI from their SEO investment. He's a professional and diligent employee."
  • Martin Cozens: MD of Banc, the Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency. "Alex began consulting with the Amy Winehouse Foundation shortly after its formation. He has been invaluable in helping with the Foundation's website and liaising with other organizations. His contribution has been highly appreciated."
  • Jane Winehouse: Managing Trustee, Director, and Co-founder of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. "Alex has been highly responsive to our needs, a good listener, and works hard to complete tasks. His exceptional knowledge of SEO has been invaluable."
  • s F.: Project Manager. "Alex was able to deliver exactly what we wanted for our website at a lower cost than other companies we approached. He consulted with us at every stage, and the project was delivered on time. I heartily recommend his services."
  • Renee M.: Designer and founder of Vertigo Noticias.
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