Jennifer Lauren

Massimo Canducci

Chief Innovation Officer


Track: The future of higher education: How technology will shape learning | The future of learning techniques and education. Keynote Speech

Senior C-level with 25+ years of experience in Innovation and Digital Transformation fields.
Innovation and Technology addicted.
Faculty Global at Singularity University
Forbes Technology Council official member
Innovation Management Professor at Turin University.
Consultancy and Soft Skills Professor at Pavia University.
Executive MBA Professor.
Startup Mentor and Advisor.
Worldwide International Appointed Expert for Innovation and Innovation Management (at CEN and ISO level).
Author and international speaker.
His latest book is
"Vite Aumentate - le tecnologie e il futuro che ci aspetta" (already available in Italian)
Augmented Lives - Technologies and the future that awaits us" (soon available in English)

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