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Karina Gomes is a dedicated communications specialist and accomplished project manager with a wealth of experience in the fields of human rights, sustainable development programs, and digital strategies. Her professional journey has seen her making impactful contributions within the United Nations System, research centers, and leading international media outlets across Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

As a dynamic professional, Karina Gomes is driven by a passion for fostering positive change at both local and global levels. Her work revolves around empowering communities, advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and advocating for human rights. With a deep commitment to effective communication, she leverages her expertise to bridge gaps, spark dialogue, and drive progress in key areas of global concern.

Karina's dedication to creating a more equitable and sustainable world is evident in her extensive portfolio of successful projects, which have made a lasting impact on diverse communities and regions. Her ability to seamlessly navigate the complexities of international environments and her innate talent for strategic thinking has earned her recognition as a leader in the field of global communications.

With a steadfast commitment to her mission, Karina Gomes continues to be a driving force in the pursuit of a brighter and more just future for all.


  • Project Director - Secretaria Municipal de Relações Internacionais:

    • National Project Director of Virada SDG, focusing on civic mobilization around Agenda 2030.
    • Led negotiations with UNESCO for the organization of the 2023 Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination.
    • Established and manages the national secretariat of UNESCO's Brazilian Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.
    • Lead project development and international cooperation agreements with the UN system.
    • Skills: Government, International Cooperation, Project Management.
  • Communications Manager (Brazil Chapter) - Malala Fund:

    • Developed media and messaging strategies for girls’ education in Brazil.
    • Prepared and coordinated Malala’s visit to Brazil.
    • Increased the national and regional media and digital reach of the Education Champion Network by 580%.
    • Led content creation for Malala Fund’s social media channels and Assembly.
    • Skills: Partner Relationship Management, Content Management, Government Advocacy, Public Relations, Strategic Communications.
  • Project Manager - Deutsche Welle:

    • Led the creation of digital products for youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on gender equality and human rights.
    • Managed project deliverables and coordinated multimedia content production.
    • Conducted meetings and liaised with department heads.
    • Skills: International Project Management, Design Thinking, Global Communications, Social Media Management, and People Management.
  • Senior Editor - Deutsche Welle:

    • Coordinated a team of 60+ team members and correspondents.
    • Managed the production and delivery of digital content, live radio programs, podcasts, and videos.
    • Curated online content, performed community management, and applied SEO techniques.
    • Skills: Management, Journalism, Storytelling, Multimedia Journalism.
  • Local Pathways Fellow - UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth:

    • Part of a global network of urban leaders focused on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals and implementing the New Urban Agenda.
  • Programme Director - FIA Business School:

    • Led the development and implementation of an award-winning Local Agenda 2030 Programme.
    • Conducted workshops on global development agendas, data-driven public management, human rights, and civil society participation.
    • Established international cooperation agreements and partnerships.
    • Skills: Public Administration, Human Rights, Leadership.
  • Inclusive Policies Consultant - UNESCO:

    • Created the concept and work plan of UNESCO’s Brazilian Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.
    • Mobilized municipalities to join the UNESCO International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.
    • Conducted research and drafted content for a handbook on welcoming cities for migrants and refugees.
    • Developed and implemented a strategic communications plan.
  • Workshop Instructor - UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme):

    • Developed and implemented the technical content of the course "Global Development Agendas" for municipalities.
    • Skills: Instructor-led Training, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Leadership.
  • Communications Coordinator - Fundação Lemann:

    • Developed a strategic communications plan and evaluation mechanisms.
    • Coordinated social media campaigns and managed content production.
    • Organized virtual launch events and identified strategic partnerships.
    • Skills: Philanthropy, Corporate Communications, Media Relations.
  • Communications Consultant - UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning:

    • Supported the finalization of the restructuring of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning website.
  • Research Consultant and Book Author - UNESCO Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels:

    • Conducted training sessions and co-authored a book on human rights and the 2030 Agenda at the local level.
    • Advised the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) on Human Rights Cities.
    • Skills: International Cooperation, Human Rights, SDGs.
  • Human Rights Consultant - UNESCO:

    • Presented proposals for project formulation and provided inputs on Agenda 2030 and SDGs' implementation.
    • Coordinated an organization-wide consultation process for a new UNESCO Human Rights Strategy.
    • Conceptualized and supported major events and UN information campaigns.
    • Skills: Agenda 2030, International Cooperation, Writing, Human Rights.
  • Multimedia News Producer - Deutsche Welle:

    • Pitched stories, reported, and produced articles, interviews, analyses, and features.
    • Created multimedia content suitable for social media.
    • Skills: Multimedia Journalism.
  • Reporter and Editor - Radio CBN:

    • Produced breaking news radio programs, and interviews, and edited sound stories.
    • Reported on a wide range of topics, from local issues to international affairs.
    • Skills: Journalism, Video Production.
  • News Intern - Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação:

    • Wrote news stories on domestic and local affairs.
  • Internal Communications Intern - National Health Foundation (FUNASA):

    • Organized press conferences, drafted statements, conducted interviews, and edited an institutional newspaper.
    • Enhanced communication processes among different departments.
  • Communications Intern - Brazilian Ministry of Culture:

    • Implemented the Communications department, developed a newsletter and a website, and established media relations.
    • Covered events and prepared interviews.
    • Skills: Corporate Communications, Public Relations.


  • European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA)

    • Graduated in 2017 with an impressive grade of 9.6/10.0.
    • First Semester: Studied at EIUC in Venice, Italy.
    • Second Semester: Completed studies at the University of Graz in Austria.
    • Participated in a field trip to Kosovo.
    • Recognized as one of the top 15 students of the program in 2016/2017, earning an internship as an award.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism - Faculdade Cásper Líbero

    • Completed Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 2010.
    • Awarded a one-year merit-based scholarship in 2009 to conduct research on human rights-sensitive practices in journalism.
    • Presented research outcomes at the 18th International Symposium of Scientific Initiations at the University of Sao Paulo.
  • Master's Degree in Human Rights - Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    • Pursued a Master's degree in Human Rights at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz in 2017.


  • Transcultural Association Kairos:
    • Duration: April 2012 - May 2012 (2 months)
    • Involvement in social services.
    • Conducted interviews with 'talibe' children, victims of human rights violations in Koranic schools in Senegal.
    • Produced and filmed an institutional video about the organization's work with former prisoners in Mindelo and Assomada, Cape Verde.


  • Photographic Exhibition "Talibes: Child Exploitation in Senegal":

    • Ongoing since January 2017.
    • Associated with EIUC - European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation.
    • Organized the exhibition as part of the 17th Venice Human Rights Cultural Festival in 2017.
  • Documentary "Home 247: Missing Homeland, A New Beginning in Brazil":

    • Duration: January 2010 - December 2010.
    • The documentary was launched at CURTA MIS, a film festival at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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  1. Wolfgang Benedek: Former Director of the Institute of International Law and International Relations and of the European Training and Research Centre on Human Rights and Democracy of the University of Graz (UNI-ETC).

    • "Karin Gomes is very talented, both as a journalist and as a researcher. She can effectively distill and present complex issues. She diligently pursues her academic and professional interests. Her completion of the Master's Program in Human Rights and Democratisation in Venice (EIUC) provides her with a solid foundation for all her activities in this field. Her publication in the Netherlands Quarterly on Human Rights in late 2018, titled 'New Urban Agenda and Human Rights Cities,' builds on her master's thesis. She has become a specialist in human rights at the local level, making significant contributions to UNESCO and various NGOs."
  2. Adalberto Piotto: Journalist.

    • "Karina is a true professional in every sense. Dedicated, committed, and always seeking technical improvement to deliver broader results. It was no surprise to see her embark on an international correspondent career in Germany after we worked together at CBN São Paulo, where her innate drive for advancement was evident. These are qualities of someone like her, constantly searching for tools and means to excel in her work. Moreover, I see her further enhancing her expertise through higher academic pursuits. She is building her future by making the most of the present. I wish her even greater success."


  • "Local Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees: A gateway to existing ideas, resources and capacities for cities across the world" (UNESCO, WHO, OECD, UNCTAD, CMI, GFMD, UN-Habitat, UNICEF, WHO)
  • "International Migrations and the Covid-19 Pandemic" (UNFPA/UNICAMP)
  • "Implementing Human Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the Local Level: Key Issues and Examples" (UNESCO Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Regional and Local Levels and the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Human Security at the University of Graz)
  • "New Urban Agenda and Human Rights Cities: Interconnections between the Global and the Local" (Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (NQHR))


  • Adobe Premiere – Video Editing
  • Mobile Reporting
  • SEO Workshop
  • TV Moderation
  • Training Social and Policy Leaders

Honors & Awards

  • 7th Allianz Journalism Award (Nov 2013)

    • Finalist with the radio piece "Alvarenga: solutions for a trash dump" aired by Radio CBN.
  • Jornalistas&Cia/HSBC Award (Nov 2013)

    • Finalist with the radio piece "Alvarenga: solutions for a trash dump" aired by Radio CBN.
  • Jornalistas&Cia/HSBC Award (Nov 2012)

    • Finalist with two radio pieces aired by Radio CBN: "Building a democratic society with bamboo bicycles" and "Home for the forest".
  • 17th Abrelpe Features Award (Sep 2012)

    • Winner with the radio piece "Alvarenga: solutions for a trash dump".
  • Curta MIS Award (Feb 2011)

    • The documentary "Missing Home, New Beginning in Brazil," directed by me, was released at CURTA MIS, a film festival for film premieres in Brazil.
  • CBN Award for Young Journalists (Oct 2009)

    • Winner with the radio piece "Women Refugee in Brazil."


  • City of Francisco Morato (Brazil)

    • Speaker and organizer
    • Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
    • Held a speech on the implementation of sustainable development and human rights-related public policies in cities at the event "Human-centred local policies: cities as protagonists in SDGs’ implementation - Launch of the Morato Inclusive and Sustainable Strategy" (28 March 2022).
  • WHERS Conference

    • Panelist
    • Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
    • Associated with UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth
    • Invited to speak in the discussion panel "Development of effective, accountable and transparent institutions. Meeting the SDG 16: Peace. Justice. Strong Institutions" at the World Higher Education Ranking Summit (23 March).
  • University of Derby

    • Speaker
    • Oct 2021 - Oct 2021
    • Conducted the Masterclass 'Journalism and Human Rights: a bridge for Shifting Public Policies' for the students of the Master's program in Journalism of the University of Derby (UK).
  • 10th World Urban Forum

    • Panelist
    • Panel discussion ‘How inclusive is your city’ at the 10th World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi, 9 February 2020.
    • Presentation and launching of my book ‘Implementing Human Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Key Issues and Examples’.
  • City of Graz

    • Speaker
    • Speaker, Meeting of the Municipal Human Rights Council, City of Graz, 6 June 2017.
    • Training to city officials and NGO members on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo

    • Keynote speaker
    • Keynote speaker, Lecture on ‘Human Rights Cities’ to students of the Professional Master's Program on Global Governance and Formulation of Public Policies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, 28 March 2020.
  • University of Padova

    • Panelist
    • International Conference ‘Cities, territories and struggles for human rights: a 2030 perspective’, University of Padova (Italy), 27 November 2018.
    • Presentation of my paper ‘New Urban Agenda and Human Rights Cities: interconnections between the Local and the Global’.


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