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Dr. Jasmin Cowin

Position: Associate Professor and TESOL/Bilingual Practicum Coordinator, TESOL and BLE, Touro University, GSE

Kissimmee, Florida, United States


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Dr. Jasmin Cowin Bio

Jasmin (Bey) Cowin, Ed.D., is a Fulbright Scholar and serves as the Associate Professor and TESOL Practicum Coordinator at Touro University, Graduate School of Education. She is also an Education Policy Fellow (EPFP™) and a member of the TESOL International CALL-IS Steering Committee. Dr. Cowin co-chairs the Technology Enhanced Language Learning SIG 2022 and 2023 conferences and served as the conference chair of the 51st NYS TESOL conference in 2021.

Her passion lies in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 4. c, "By 2030, substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially least developed countries and small island developing States." This dedication is evident in her pro-bono work as a Sustainability Analyst and Trainer for Computers for Schools in Burundi and her role as a TESOL expert and Train Trainer for the Future Horizons Foundation for Translation, Training, and Development in Sanaa, Yemen.

Dr. Cowin has contributed significantly to the academic community, having served as an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics for its special issue on "Trans-Disciplinary Communication." She has also held key leadership positions, including past chair of the New York State TESOL in 2021 and retired Chair of the Rotary Club of New York United Nations International Breakfast Meetings. Additionally, she has served as a past President and past Rotary Assistant Governor for New York State.

With over twenty-five years of experience in education, technology, and institutional leadership, Dr. Cowin brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her expertise spans education policy, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, augmented and virtual reality simulation training, Green and Black Swan market shifts, and not-for-profit leadership. She is deeply committed to the notion of education as a basic human right and possesses a unique set of skills and global networks that enable her to make a meaningful impact locally and globally.

Dual Citizenship: US/Germany
Native Proficiency: English, German


  • Associate Professor and TESOL/Bilingual Practicum Coordinator

    • Touro University
    • Full-time
    • Jul 2023 - Present (3 months)
    • New York, New York, United States
    • Hybrid
  • Academic Advisor

    • Apr 2018 - Present (5 years 6 months)
    • New York, New York
  • Assistant Professor and TESOL Practicum Coordinator for TESOL and Bilingual Certificate Programs

    • Touro University Graduate School of Education
    • Full-time
    • Jan 2018 - Aug 2023 (5 years 8 months)
    • Greater New York City Area
  • Chair, International Breakfast Meetings at the UN

    • The Rotary Club of New York
    • Jul 2017 - Jul 2021 (4 years 1 month)
    • New York, New York
  • Team Lead and Writer, United Nations SDG 4 Corporate Guidebook Series Volunteer

    • SHERPA Institute
    • Freelance
    • Aug 2020 - May 2021 (10 months)
    • Kissimmee, Florida, United States
  • Assistant Governor

    • Rotary International
    • Jun 2018 - Jun 2019 (1 year 1 month)
    • District 7230
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor

    • Blockchain of Things, Inc.
    • Dec 2017 - Dec 2018 (1 year 1 month)
    • New York, New York
  • President

    • The Rotary Club of New York, Host Club #6
    • Jun 2017 - Jun 2018 (1 year 1 month)
    • Manhattan, NY
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

    • Oct 2016 - Dec 2017 (1 year 3 months)
    • Greater Detroit Area
  • Lead Educational and Content Designer

    • Marlboro College for Graduate & Professional Studies
    • Sep 2016 - Aug 2017 (1 year)
    • Marlboro, VT
  • TESOL Program Assessor

    • SIT-World Graduate Institute
    • Oct 2015 - May 2017 (1 year 8 months)
    • New York, New York
  • Visiting Lecturer

    • Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies CMPS
    • Jan 2013 - May 2017 (4 years 5 months)
    • 16 West 10th Street
  • Adjunct Faculty

    • Westchester Community College
    • Oct 2014 - Jun 2016 (1 year 9 months)
    • Westchester
  • Harpist and Concert Curator

    • Organization: Vox Novum, Composers Voice
    • Duration: 2009 - May 2016 (7 years 5 months)
  • Executive Director of Global Education

    • Organization: Young Global Leadership Organization / Foundation
    • Duration: Oct 2011 - Jun 2014 (2 years 9 months)
  • Pre-performance Lecturer

    • Organization: Opera Company of Brooklyn
    • Duration: 2005 - Jun 2014 (9 years 6 months)
  • Presenter

    • Organization: Molloy College
    • Duration: May 2014 (1 month)
  • Division Chair of Service 2011-2012

    • Organization: The Rotary Club of New York, Host Club No 6
    • Duration: Jun 2011 - Jun 2012 (1 year 1 month)
  • Foundation Trustee 2012-2014

    • Organization: The Rotary Club of New York, Host Club No 6
    • Duration: Participated in grant application review, distribution, and program assessment for both US and international programs. Assessed and funded US-based and international Rotary Initiatives with strategic alliances in host countries.
  • German Teacher

    • Organization: German School
    • Duration: Jan 2002 - Jun 2005 (3 years 6 months)
    • Location: Manhattan
  • Director of Education

    • Organization: Innovative Community Enterprises
    • Duration: Mar 1993 - Sep 1998 (5 years 7 months)


  • Doctor of Education (EdD)

    • Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University
    • Duration: 1989 - 1992
  • Certificate Program, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

    • Institution: Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies
    • Duration: 2011 - Jun 2012
  • Master's degree in music and Education

    • Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University
    • Duration: 1988 - 1989
  • Master's degree (not completed, transferred to Teachers College/Columbia University, Me.D. Program), Harp, ensemble and German

    • Institution: Rice University
    • Duration: 1986 - 1988
    • Activities and societies: Ran a classical radio show for the student radio.
  • Fulbright Year, Harp, Orchestral Studies, Education

    • Institution: University of Houston, TX
    • Duration: 1985 - 1986
  • Bachelor's degree, Orchestral Studies and Education

    • Institution: Musikhochschule Karlsruhe
    • Duration: 1982 - 1986
  • Masters of Educational Technology, Educational/Instructional Technology and Systems/Curriculum Design

    • Institution: Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies
    • Duration: 2016 - 2017
    • Grade: 4.0
    • Description: This program focuses on bridging the digital gap and becoming more effective in the workplace for individuals who want to create better online classes or training resources.


  • Assistant Governor Area 5

    • Organization: Rotary District 7230
    • Duration: Jul 2018 - Present (5 years 3 months)
    • Focus Area: Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • President-Elect

    • Organization: The New York Rotary Club No. 6, Host Club of America, District 7230
    • Duration: May 2017 - Present (6 years 5 months)
    • Focus Area: Poverty Alleviation
  • Division Chair of Service

    • Organization: Rotary Club No. 6
    • Duration: Jul 2011 - Jul 2012 (1 year 1 month)
    • Focus Area: Poverty Alleviation

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certified Metaverse Expert

    • Issuing Authority: Blockchain Council
    • Issued: Jan 2023
    • Credential ID: 66780058
  • Zoom and Canvas Skills Platinum: Level 4

    • Issuing Authority: Touro University
    • Issued: Dec 2022
  • Module Making Workshop with the Department of Online Education

    • Issuing Authority: Touro University
    • Issued: May 2022
  • Zoom and Canvas Level 3 - Gold Level

    • Issuing Authority: Touro University
    • Issued: Jan 2021
  • Zoom and Canvas Skills Silver Badge: Level 2

    • Issuing Authority: Touro University
    • Issued: Aug 2020
  • Being an Effective Director

    • Issuing Authority: The ExecRanks
    • Issued: Dec 2017
  • The Board’s Role in M&A Strategy & Decision Making

    • Issuing Authority: The ExecRanks
    • Issued: Dec 2017
  • QM - Quality Matters: K-12 Applying the Quality Matters Secondary Rubric (K12 APP)

    • Issuing Authority: QM Quality Matters
    • Issued: May 2016
    • Credential ID: Facilitator: Viki Gardner
  • Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment

    • Issuing Authority: Genius Genius of NY, Inc
    • Issued: Sep 2013 (Expired Sep 2015)
  • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider and Heart Saver First Aid Certification

    • Issuing Authority: PC Bureau of Emergency Services
    • Issued: Aug 2013 (Expired Aug 2015)
  • Ethics & Compliance In The Boardroom

    • Issuing Authority: The ExecRanks
  • Understanding Cybersecurity as a Function of Risk Management for Directors

    • Issuing Authority: The ExecRanks
  • Understanding and Accurately Presenting Financial Statements to the Board of Directors

    • Issuing Authority: The ExecRanks


  • Computers for Schools Burundi

    • Duration: Sep 2018 - Present
    • Associated with: Rotary International
    • Description: Closing the digital divide for marginalized populations, Sustainable Development Goal 4.
  • Lucia di Lammermoor—the Fragile Mind ‘In Extremis’—A Multi-Media Opera Lecture

    • Duration: Aug 2014 - Present
    • Description: Lecture on Donizetti's opera Lucia di Lammermoor and its psychological themes.
  • Shakespeare, Verdi, and Freud - An Exploration of Verdi's Opera Macbeth

    • Duration: Sep 2013 - Present
    • Description: Lecture on Verdi's opera Macbeth and its connections to Shakespeare and Freud.
  • Project Outreach

    • Duration: Mar 2013 - Present
    • Description: Rotary District Initiative for food banks in Westchester and New York.
  • A Special ESLTeacher Student Perspective: Both Sides of the Fence

    • Duration: May 2014
    • Associated with: EF Education First
    • Description: Presentation at Molloy College for the ESOL Conference.
Dr. Jasmin Cowin possesses a diverse skill set that spans OpenAI, Microsoft PowerPoint, Augmented Reality, Teaching English as a Second Language, E-Learning, Academic Writing, Curriculum Development, Differentiated Instruction, Higher Education, Academic Advising, Research, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofits, Classical Music, Music, Orchestral Music, Music Education, Event Management, Editing, Chamber Music, Opera, Concerts, Piano, Composition, Writing, Music Theory, Web Design, Event Planning, Leadership, Team Leadership, Public Speaking, Staff Development, MOODLE, E-learning Implementation, TESOL, Boolean Searching, Boolean Logic, Process Writing for elementary through high school students, Senior College Placement Advisor - Asia, Ensemble, Flute, Contemporary Music, Pianist, Canvas Online Learning, and Banner.


  • David Bradford (CEO - QuikLearn.AI - Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc - the VIEW):

    • "Dr. Jasmin is, in short, Remarkable. She is a visionary in the language learning field. She is committed and gets the job done. She is both a vision-oriented person but also a doer. She has been a pleasure to work with."
  • Andreas Runggatscher (Executive Director at Non-Profit):

    • "Dr. Cowin has been a strong and consistent leader and supporter of Rotary and its causes. Based on her vision and skillful approach towards conveying the Rotary mission, I look forward to collaborating with her in the future."
  • September Payne (Flutist, Pedagogue, Conductor):

    • "Dr. Jasmin Cowin has created a real niche in the New York Classical music scene through her unique, cutting-edge projects, CDs, and lectures. Her organizational skills, talent, and exuberant personality inspire all those around her. I highly recommend her."


  • An Exploration of Learning and Teaching in 3D Immersive Environments: Transcending Boundaries, Immersive Technology Trends

    • Published in Touro Exchange on Mar 1, 2019.
  • Dr.J's Education Blog

    • Published on WordPress on Mar 4, 2016.
  • A Chain of Worlds: Education in the Age of Metaverses

    • Published in the Proceedings of the 26th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI 2022).
  • Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Winter University 2018 University of Tomorrow: Innovative Pedagogy and Methodology

    • Published in Education Update, 23 (4), 17.
  • Digital Worlds and Transformative Learning: Google Expeditions, Google Arts and Culture, and the Merge Cube

    • Published in International Research and Review, v10 n1 p42-53 Fall 2020.
  • Language Acquisition in Virtual Worlds Versus Traditional Classroom Environments: A Comparative Overview Between the United States and Russia

    • Published in the Numanities - Arts and Humanities in Progress book series (NAHP, volume 20).
  • Moving Beyond Traditional ESL Classroom Instruction through Social Media Integration

    • Co-authored with Fatma Ghailan, presented at the 2016 Applied Linguistics Winter Conference at Teachers College/Columbia University.

    • Published in the NYS TESOL Journal, 2020.


  • Theory and Practice of Bilingual and Multicultural Education (EDPN 671)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • Basic Reading and Writing Instruction (EDDN 634)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • Bridging the Pre-K Common Core and Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Your Classroom (WAEYC)

  • Curriculum Development and Class Management (EDDN 635)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • How to Handle Difficult People

    • National Training Seminar associated with Young Global Leadership Organization/Foundation.
  • Linguistic Structure of the English Language (EDDN 636)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language (EDPN 673)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • Second Language Learner and Content Areas (EDDN 637)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • The Journey to STEM/STEAM (WAEYC)

  • Trends and Current Issues in Second Language Acquisition (EDDN 639)

    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.

Honors & Awards

  • A Special Teacher-Student Relationship; Both Sides of the Fence

    • Issued by Presenter at Molloy College, ESOL conference, May 2014.
  • Crossing Borders-Building Bridges Presentation

    • Issued by NYS TESOL Conference Albany, Jan 2014.
  • Paul Harris Fellow, 2012 & 2013

    • Issued by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
  • Fulbright Scholar, Jan 1985

    • Issued by the Fulbright Organization.
  • First Annual Ed Gray Award

    • Issued by The New York Rotary Foundation for "Service Above Self" - humanitarian aid for displaced Syrians in Turkey.

Test Scores

  • Cambridge English Language Assessment TKT Module 2

    • Score: Band 3, Jan 2015.
    • Associated with EF Education First.
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment TKT Module 1

    • Score: Band 3, May 2014.
    • Associated with EF Education First.


  • Kappa Delta Pi

    • Member since Jan 2019.
    • Associated with Touro University Graduate School of Education.
  • Fulbright Organization

    • Scholar from Jan 1985 to Jan 1986.
  • Young Global Leadership Foundation

    • Executive Director of Global Education.


Education, Environment, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief.
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