Dr.Georgette Zinaty

Humam Dweik

Founder and CEO



An expert in entrepreneurship and startups and support organizations, a business management consultant, trainer, coach and mentor, with more than 10 years of on-ground experience, through creating ventures, mentoring, coaching, and training startups reaching their maximum potential. Involved with high impact Venture Capitals and startups globally. Humam as a serial entrepreneur, Founded ProTechMe, BRB Media and serial entrepreneur ventures, cofounded and supported several other startups. Further experiences include international public relations, motivational content creation and youth leadership representation in several occasions. Humam is an active member in several initiatives and NGOs locally, regionally and globally, all related to youth, educations, entrepreneurship, SDGs and other social topics. From Humam’s point of view, life is all about educational development and knowledge accessibility. Whether being a mentor, or a trainer and a coach, working with youth with different educational backgrounds has built a firm understanding of needs and variances between different educational systems, as well as dealing with numerous international universities and school, globally; each thriving to advance their internal staff and obtained students as assets to a greater brighter future.
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