Dr.Georgette Zinaty

Dr. Georgia Bedford

Visiting Lecturer



How to support students' mental health and well-being. Discussion Panel

Designing program objectives and program learning outcomes. - Workshop

Assessment of evaluation of learning outcomes - Interview

Dr. Bedford is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh with years of teaching experience for top-ranking universities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area. Her professional repertoire includes providing instruction in: Argument, Civil Discourse, Media Literacy, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Business and Professional Communication, and Public Speaking, to name a few, and she holds a reputation for working with honors students as well as advancing academically remedial students to good standing. In service to higher education, Georgia has been positioned as a student advisor, student mentor, member of assessment and curriculum committees, and Grant Reviewer for faculty professional development programs. This combined body of education and experience has endowed Dr. Bedford with critical insights into the daily pressures and challenges students face as it pertains to curriculum, assessment, and mental health. Dr. Bedford's research continues from her dissertation dealing with contemporary issues and problems associated with pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, access, equality, equity, and epistemology associated with the movement to the practical skills aim of the industrialized model of education.

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