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Dennis Wakabayashi, our Chief Experience Officer at UNIRANKS, stands as a beacon in the realm of Customer Experience (CX), renowned as the "Global Voice of CX". His illustrious career spans over three decades, marked by his influence and innovation in digital marketing. Dennis's acclaim is well-recognized, notably being named among the top 40 over 40 digital marketers in the world.

His tenure as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin Madison underscores his commitment to education and expertise. Here, Dennis has played a pivotal role in shaping future leaders in digital marketing, mirroring the educational values at the core of UNIRANKS.

Dennis's global impact extends beyond academia. He has been a strategic advisor to leading brands such as FedEx, AT&T, and McDonald's, where his insights have redefined customer experiences and set industry standards. His global perspective and deep understanding of market dynamics make him an unparalleled asset to our team.

In his role at UNIRANKS, Dennis infuses his extensive experience with his global insights to enhance every facet of our platform. He is instrumental in designing intuitive user experiences and ensuring our content resonates on a global scale. His visionary approach is crucial in our mission to revolutionize the connection between students and universities through technology.

As a thought leader and influencer in CX, Dennis's recognition as the "Global Voice of CX" highlights his ability to inspire and lead at a global level. His presence at UNIRANKS brings invaluable expertise and a strategic vision, guiding us to redefine the intersection of education and technology, and to unlock new potentials in the higher education landscape.

Previous Showcase

The CX stories of Expo 2020 Dubai

In 2021, the world turned its eyes to Expo 2020 Dubai, an event that redefined the future of customer experience and global innovation.

This playlist, curated by Dennis Wakabayashi, the Global Voice of CX, takes you behind the scenes for exclusive conversations with the vanguard leaders who made it happen. Explore the profound stories of individuals who pushed the envelope in customer experience, creating an environment where innovation isn't just welcomed—it's the standard.

Through this series, discover how Expo 2020 Dubai set a new global benchmark for customer experience, and find inspiration to carry this ethos into your own professional endeavors.

Why This Program is Crucial for Universities

In today's competitive educational landscape, universities must continuously innovate and showcase their strengths in unique and impactful ways. The University Experience Program, a collaborative endeavor by WHERS and Dennis Wakabayashi, is a groundbreaking initiative that addresses this need by offering universities a powerful platform to highlight their commitment to providing exceptional student experiences.

Key Benefits to Universities:

Global Exposure:

Leveraging the extensive reach of WHERS and the influential network of Dennis Wakabayashi, universities can showcase their offerings and unique qualities to a global audience, significantly expanding their visibility and appeal to prospective students and academic professionals worldwide.

Strategic Brand Positioning:

Participating in this program enables universities to strategically position themselves as innovative, forward-thinking institutions committed to excellence in higher education. The alignment with WHERS and Dennis Wakabayashi enhances their reputation as leaders in creating holistic and enriching educational environments.

Storytelling Excellence:

Through Dennis Wakabayashi's expert storytelling and documentary-style video segments, universities can authentically portray the vibrancy and richness of campus life, academic rigor, and community spirit. This narrative approach not only engages potential students but also resonates with alumni, faculty, and the broader academic community.

Enhanced Recruitment and Engagement:

By showcasing real student and faculty experiences, the program aids universities in attracting a diverse and talented pool of applicants. It fosters a sense of community and belonging, which is crucial in student recruitment and retention.

Demonstration of Value and Commitment:

Investing in this program is a testament to a university’s commitment to enhancing student experiences and academic offerings. It reflects the institution’s dedication to not only maintaining high educational standards but also adapting to modern storytelling methods and communication strategies.

In essence, the University Experience Program is more than a promotional tool; it is a strategic investment in shaping the university's future. It aligns with the evolving dynamics of higher education marketing, ensuring that universities stay at the forefront of innovation, engagement, and global academic excellence.

Value Proposition

  • Extended Reach and Usage: The content created under this program is not just for a one-time showcase; universities have the freedom to repurpose and share these stories on their own channels, further extending their reach and impact.
  • Brand Amplification: By leveraging the content across their own platforms, universities can amplify their brand message, attract prospective students, and engage with their community.
  • Authentic Storytelling: Dennis Wakabayashi’s expertise in CX and narrative storytelling ensures that each segment resonates deeply with audiences, both on global platforms and within the university's own marketing channels.

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