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Step into the realm of knowledge dissemination and collaborative learning at its finest. Welcome to a hub where the entirety of WHERS comes alive – both the immersive virtual sessions and the impactful physical conferences. Our commitment to openness and the free flow of expertise has led us to keep all our endeavors accessible, ensuring that the wealth of insights we gather is available for the global community to tap into.

This space is where the collective brilliance of experts and enthusiasts converges, an arena for not just absorbing knowledge but actively participating in its propagation. Here, WHERS transcends the boundaries of time and location, creating an evergreen repository of learning opportunities. Join us as we embrace the power of shared knowledge and make learning an inclusive, boundless experience for all.

WHERS Latest Conference

WHERS Mini Conference Jordan

Welcome to the world of higher education, where innovation, collaboration, and excellence come together at the prestigious WHERS Conference (World Higher Education Ranking Summit). As a leading conference and platform for higher education stakeholders from around the globe, WHERS sets the stage for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences that shape the future of academia.

JULY 24th 2023

With pride, the University of Petra hosted the WHERS Mini Conference, in partnership with UNIRANKS, Schoolsmasters, and Quantum Higher Education. A heartfelt thank you to all the speakers whose invaluable contributions transformed this event into an exceptional success.

Quality of Education Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in the quest for education quality enhancement. Watch these transformative sessions now and be part of the change.
Unlock the Power of Knowledge: Explore Our Insights on Elevating Education Quality

Delve into a world of educational excellence through our past sessions. Discover how we've explored internationalization and diversity, bridged the gap between industry and academia, honed employability skills, and much more.

  1. Internationalization and diversity.
  2. Bridging the industry-academia divide.
  3. Enhancing student services and employability.
  4. Outcome-based education.
  5. Mentorship's role in shaping future leaders.
  6. Elevating communication skills among students.
  7. Success skillset for personal and professional growth.
  8. Training students to exercise leadership.
  9. Best practices in curriculum design.
  10. Designing program objectives and learning outcomes.
  11. Empowering female leadership.
  12. Initiatives to create a million jobs.
  13. Bridging the industry-academia gap.
  14. Addressing biases impacting academic-practitioner decisions.

UN SDGs Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join the movement for a better world through education and action. Watch our insightful sessions now.
Explore the Chronicles of Change: Revisit our Thought-Provoking Sessions on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Dive into a treasure trove of insights from our past sessions, each delving deep into the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Discover how universities are shaping the future by shouldering their responsibilities, fostering safety and inclusivity, promoting equality, and amplifying student voices.

  1. Responsibilities of universities in ensuring SDG implementation.
  2. Creating safe and inclusive learning environments.
  3. Guaranteeing equality, inclusion, and non-discrimination.
  4. Amplifying students' voices on global issues.
  5. Achieving affordable, accessible, and personalized education.
  6. Developing tools for cost-effective, barrier-breaking education.
  7. Cultivating transparent universities through leadership.
  8. Imagining impact campuses for peace.
  9. Supporting students in the metaverse.
  10. Advancing effective, accountable, and transparent institutions.
  11. Tackling human bias in AI for crystallized equality.

Global Rankings Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in unraveling the world of global rankings. Watch these sessions now and gain insights that can shape your journey in higher education.
Explore the World of Global Rankings: Gain Insights That Matter

Dive into the intricacies of global university rankings through our enlightening sessions. Uncover how UNIRANKS sets itself apart in the world of rankings, its unique approach, and what the future holds for this vital aspect of higher education.

  1. Understanding the UNIRANKS difference.
  2. The UNIRANKS approach to university rankings.
  3. Exploring the uniqueness of UNIRANKS.
  4. Navigating the future of university rankings.
  5. Factors that shape university rankings.
  6. The impact of rankings on students and faculty.
  7. Challenges faced by university rankings.
  8. The significance of rankings for universities.
  9. How rankings aid performance benchmarking.
  10. Attracting top talent through rankings.
  11. Leveraging rankings for fundraising.
  12. Elevating university reputation via rankings.

Research Quality Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in this transformative exploration. Watch these sessions now to understand how research quality drives excellence in academia and beyond. Your journey starts here.

Unlock the Impact: Explore How Research Quality Shapes Universities and Academics

Embark on a journey through our insightful sessions to uncover the profound influence of research quality on universities and academics.

  1. See how research quality elevates a university's reputation, ranking, and ability to attract top talent and funding.
  2. Discover how it empowers academics to advance their careers, gain recognition, and foster collaborative opportunities.
  3. Explore the challenges in defining, measuring, and safeguarding research quality, including ethical considerations.
  4. Learn about universities' pivotal role in ensuring research quality, from ethics training to promoting open science practices.
  5. Peek into the future of research quality, shaped by cutting-edge technologies and the imperative of ethical and responsible research.
  6. The impact of research quality on universities
  7. The impact of research quality on academics
  8. The challenges of ensuring research quality
  9. The role of universities in ensuring research qualit
  10. The future of research quality

The Future of Higher Education Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in this transformative exploration of the future of higher education. Watch these sessions now and be part of the conversation that's shaping the future of learning and work. Your journey to the future begins here.
Unlock the Future: Journey through the Evolving Landscape of Higher Education

Step into the realm of tomorrow's learning with our curated sessions on the future of higher education. Explore groundbreaking topics that span the metaverse, transparent leadership, innovative learning techniques, and technology's transformative role.

  1. Dive into the immersive world of Extended Reality, the Metaverse, Virtual Beings, and AI Cloning.
  2. Learn how transparent leadership shapes the universities of the future.
  3. Explore the evolving landscape of learning techniques and education.
  4. Discover how Distributed Ledger Technologies are reshaping education and government institutions.
  5. Understand the impact of Metaverse IQ on the future of higher education.
  6. Navigate the Metaverse Economy and its implications for the future of work.
  7. Explore global futures, from dairy farms to the Metaverse.
  8. Witness the rise of online learning.
  9. Understand the changing demographics of students.
  10. Examine the challenges posed by the increasing cost of higher education.
  11. Embrace the concept of lifelong learning.
  12. Explore technology's pivotal role in shaping higher education.
  13. Reflect on the ever-evolving nature of work.

Academic Reputation & Internationalization Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in uncovering the intricate dynamics between internationalization and academic reputation. Watch these sessions now to gain valuable insights into the evolving world of higher education institutes. Your journey to understanding begins here.
Exploring the Nexus of Academic Reputation and Internationalization in Higher Education

Embark on a journey to delve into the interplay between academic reputation and internationalization in higher education. Our enlightening sessions provide insights into the challenges, benefits, and the future landscape.
Understand how internationalization shapes academic reputation.
  1. Explore the challenges that internationalization presents for higher education institutes.
  2. Discover the advantages of internationalization for both students and faculty.
  3. Learn about methods to measure and improve academic reputation.
  4. Explore the impact of rankings on academic reputation.
  5. Dive into the role of social media in shaping academic reputation.
  6. Peer into the future of academic reputation.

Quality of Facilities and Learning Resources

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in this exploration of what makes university facilities and learning resources truly exceptional. Watch these sessions now to gain insights into the ever-evolving landscape of higher education. Your journey to excellence begins here.
Exploring Excellence: University Facilities and Learning Resources

Embark on a journey to uncover the critical elements that define the quality of university facilities and learning resources. Our insightful sessions delve into a spectrum of topics that shape the present and future of higher education infrastructure.

  1. Connect with the concept of the "Connected Campus.
  2. Explore the importance of sustainability in university facilities.
  3. Understand strategies to support students' mental health and well-being.
  4. Examine how student support facilities impact satisfaction.
  5. Discover the diverse range of facilities and learning resources.
  6. Delve into the factors that contribute to facility and resource quality.
  7. Learn how quality infrastructure influences student learning.
  8. Explore strategies for improving facility and resource quality.
  9. Investigate the role of technology in modern facilities and resources.
  10. Navigate the challenges of maintaining excellence.
  11. Peer into the future of university facilities and learning resources.

The Impact of Technologies and Digitalization Track Sessions

Recorded Virtual Sessions
Join us in this transformative exploration of how technology is reshaping higher education. Watch these sessions now and be part of the conversation that's defining the future of learning. Your journey into the digital era begins here.
Embracing the Digital Frontier: Technology's Impact on Higher Education

Embark on a journey through our enlightening sessions that explore the profound impact of technology and digitalization on higher education. These sessions delve into a wide array of topics, from web technology choices to the future of smart campuses.

  1. Learn about selecting the right web technology for educational institutions.
  2. Discover strategies for social media content marketing in higher education.
  3. Understand the power of online presence and adapting to new opportunities in marketing.
  4. Explore the significance of university websites in the higher education selection process.
  5. Dive into the use of technology for teaching, learning, and enhancing the student experience.
  6. Examine the challenges and opportunities in implementing technology in higher education.
  7. Peer into the future of technology in academia, including the roles of AI, big data, and the cloud.
  8. Explore technology's impact on research, the workforce, and the ethical considerations.
  9. Consider the challenges and prospects of smart campus implementation.
  10. Understand the roles of students and staff in shaping the smart campus of tomorrow.

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