Prof. Amani Ghazi Jarrar Bio

Prof. Amani Ghazi Jarrar is a distinguished Jordanian scholar renowned for her expertise in the Foundations of Political Education & Development for Peace and Democracy. She holds the esteemed position of Professor at the Faculty of Arts at Philadelphia University, where she also serves as the Director of International Relations and the Director of the Future Studies office and Scientific Consultancies.

Throughout her academic journey, Prof. Jarrar has made significant contributions to various disciplines, with a primary focus on Politics, Management, and Human Rights. She is widely recognized as an advocate for humanitarian issues, and her passion for creating positive change has earned her a prominent place in the academic community.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Prof. Jarrar is not only a linguist but also a certified trainer and assessor for excellence awards in the Government sector. She has received prestigious accolades, including the King Abdullah Award for Excellence, the Queen Rania Award for Excellence, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award, showcasing her dedication to excellence in her field.

Prof. Jarrar's influence extends beyond the classroom, as she has actively participated in numerous international conferences and workshops, addressing critical topics such as leadership, change, humanitarianism, and political issues. Her past roles include serving as a Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of Diplomacy, focusing on strategic planning and development.

In her capacity as a consultant, Prof. Jarrar has collaborated with various esteemed international organizations. She is an active member of distinguished societies, including WWANA, WHO's WHO AMONG NOTABLE ALUMNI, the International Society of Business Leaders, the International Women's Peace Group organization - IWPG, and more. Her affiliations also encompass the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), the Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNCW), the IWF-International Women's Forum, the PeaceToCome organization, the Ethics Resource Center, USA, Arab Non-Violence Society, Jordanian Political Society, Jordanian Philosophical Society, and International Affairs Society.

As a prolific author, Prof. Jarrar has enriched the academic world with numerous publications, including books and papers in international journals. Her work spans a wide range of topics, from Civic Education in the Arab World to Ideological Terrorism, Humanitarian and Moral Education, Management & Excellence, and Political Development through Political Education (Middle East - Jordan as an example). These publications reflect her unwavering dedication to education, ethics, political development, and peace.

Prof. Amani Ghazi Jarrar's journey embodies an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and making a positive impact on society through her multifaceted roles and substantial contributions.


  • Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Philadelphia University
  • Director of International Relations, Philadelphia University
  • Director of the Future Studies Office and Scientific Consultancies, Philadelphia University
  • Member of the Scientific Research Board, Philadelphia University
  • Director of Public and Cultural Relations, Philadelphia University
  • Former Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of Diplomacy


  • Multilingual: Fluent in Arabic, English, and French
  • Excellence Awards Assessor and Trainer in the Government Sector
  • Expertise in Political Education & Development for Peace and Democracy
  • Profound knowledge of Politics, Management, and Human Rights
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Cross-cultural Communication and Diplomacy
  • Academic Research and Publication

Honors & Awards

  • King Abdullah Award for Excellence
  • Queen Rania Award for Excellence
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award

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