Dr Kenza Mansour Bio

Dr. Kenza Mansour is a dedicated educator and accomplished academic, currently serving as an Associate Professor at the esteemed University of Petra in Amman, Jordan. With over a decade of unwavering commitment to higher education, Dr. Mansour has made significant contributions to her field.


  • Associate Professor
    • University of Petra "جامعة البترا"
    • Amman, Jordan
    • Sep 2012 - Present (11 yrs 1 mo)

In her role as an Associate Professor, Dr. Mansour has demonstrated a profound passion for teaching and nurturing the intellectual growth of her students. Her dedication to academia, coupled with her extensive experience, has made her an invaluable asset to the University of Petra.

Dr. Mansour's expertise and research contributions have not only enriched the academic community but also inspired countless individuals in their pursuit of knowledge. Her unwavering commitment to education and her remarkable accomplishments in her field are a testament to her outstanding career.

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