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WHERS | World Higher Education Ranking Summit - Dr. Fadoua Loudiy
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Dr. Fadoua Loudiy

Position: Professor| Author| Speaker| Co-Director of the Middle East at SRU| VP of the Pennsylvania Communication Association| Co-Chair President's Commission on Sustainability| Global DEI Advocate/Educator

Greater Pittsburgh Region


Talks about

##deig, ##mena, ##civildiscourse, ##transitionaljustice, and #interculturalcommunication

Dr. Fadoua Loudiy Bio

Fadoua Loudiy is a distinguished communication scholar and educator with over two decades of experience in higher education. She is a dedicated researcher in the fields of transitional justice, DEIG (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Globalization), communication ethics, human rights, and global and intercultural communication. Her commitment to academic excellence and ethical communication has earned her the prestigious Pennsylvania Communication Association 2019 Donald H. Ecroyd Research & Scholarship Award. Currently, Fadoua serves as the Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Communication Association, where she continues to contribute significantly to the field of communication.


  1. Assistant Professor in Department of Strategic Media & Communication, Slippery Rock University (Jan 2015 - Present)

    • Fadoua has been a dedicated member of the faculty at Slippery Rock University for over 8 years. Her teaching portfolio encompasses a wide range of courses, including civil discourse, intercultural communication, propaganda, and communication theory. Her expertise extends to presentation skills, oral communication, ethical leadership, and communication training.
  2. Founder, The Ethical Communicator (Aug 2019 - Present)

    • Fadoua is the visionary founder of The Ethical Communicator, a distinguished training and consulting company based in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. The company specializes in intercultural communication skills, public speaking, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, and conflict management. Fadoua's approach is grounded in academic rigor and ethical principles, aligning communicative behaviors with individual values.
  3. Author/Researcher, The Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (Jul 2017 - Nov 2018)

    • Fadoua actively contributed to a multi-country comparative research project on transitional justice in Africa during her tenure at The Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  4. Adjunct Faculty, University of Pittsburgh (Jan 2014 - Dec 2015)

    • Fadoua's expertise in presentation skills, oral communication, and communication training was shared with students during her role as adjunct faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.
  5. Part-time faculty, Robert Morris University (Aug 2012 - Dec 2013)

    • At Robert Morris University, Fadoua taught courses in intercultural communication, leadership, and ethics while further honing her skills in communication training.
  6. Translator-Interpreter-Coordinator, The Diplomatic Circle of Rabat (Jun 1996 - Sep 1997)

    • Fadoua organized and coordinated events for the Diplomatic Circle while serving as a translator and interpreter in French, Arabic, and English during meetings and events.
  7. Manager & Translator/Interpreter, Multicom--Communication & Consulting (Jun 1993 - Sep 1997)

    • In her role at Multicom, Fadoua managed translation and interpretation projects, hired and supervised translators and interpreters for national and international seminars, and worked as a conference interpreter and translator in French, English, and Arabic.


  • Ph.D. in Communication & Rhetorical Studies with a focus on Communication Ethics, IMC & International Communication, Duquesne University (2003 - 2010).
  • Graduate Certificate in Interpretive & Qualitative Research Methods, Duquesne University (December 2006).
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Chatham University (2012).
  • Master of International Affairs (MIA), University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) (2000 - 2002).
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature, Jamiât Mohammed Al-Khâmiss Rabat (1992 - 1997).
  • Pharmacy Degree, Université de Monastir (1990 - 1992).


  • Advisor, UNICEF (Sep 2018 - Present): Fadoua provides guidance to the UNICEF club at Slippery Rock University.
  • Business Mentor, SCORE Mentors (Jul 2018 - Present): Fadoua actively mentors individuals in the pursuit of economic empowerment.

License And Certificates:

  • Certification in DEI (Teaching), Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Issued Jul 2021).
  • Certificate in E-Learning, Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education (Issued Dec 2016).
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Chatham University (Issued Dec 2012).
  • Certificate in Qualitative and Interpretive Research, Center for Interpretive & Qualitative Research Duquesne University (Issued May 2007).


Fadoua's extensive skill set includes presentation skills, oral communication, ethical leadership, communication training, and more. She has garnered endorsements and recommendations from peers and colleagues across various disciplines.


Fadoua has made significant contributions to academic literature through her publications, addressing critical topics in communication and human rights.


Fadoua is passionately engaged in various causes, including arts and culture, children's rights, civil rights, economic empowerment, education, environment, health, human rights, and politics.

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